Meet The Cheesecakery Baker Stephanie Newman

Stephanie Newman Owner of The Cheesecakery Bakery

Stephanie has always enjoyed making and bringing cheesecake to most social events and has a true passion for creating the unthinkable. She has also always been the one to complain about not enough of this or that on a desert. Giving her customers freedom to create exactly what they want with a delicious cheesecake base is so much fun! Get your custom cheesecake now

Then one day while looking at a mason jar on her counter Stephanie thought, can I bake in that? From there Baked Cheesecakes In A Jar were born! And the ideas keep rolling in for new ways to eat cheesecake. Want to find a jars near you? Click here for the interactive map. 


The Team At The Cheesecakery Bakery

Stephanie and her team bake out of her own Health Inspected Certified Kitchen in Harrowsmith, Ontario just north of Kingston. 

A note from Stephanie:
I would like to thank my husband for all the last minute runs to the store for ingredients, our house being taken over with mason jars and for having no doubts, my sister for all the late nights, Amanda for telling me to do it!! The rest of my  friends and family for your support on this venture. A special thank you to everyone who helped get it going and my current team of amazing people taking this to where we are and where we will go!